Jacki   Jackets ®

HOPE 4 Nichole was thrilled to fund the first TWO hospitals in the state of Maryland to become part of the Jacki Jacket® program as a partner with the non-profit group A Little Easier Recovery (see link on the right sidebar).  

As a result of this program, patients at two Southern Maryland hospitals will benefit from a Jacki Jacket ® to help make an "easier recovery" following a mastectomy.  The Jackets have pockets sewn on the inside, which will hold the surgical drains following surgery.  The button front and Velcro sleeves and inseam make the jacket easy to put on and off with limited mobility of the arms.  The cotton fabric is comfortable against the patient's skin, and the stylish Jacket makes going out a bit more comfortable.  After the patient no longer needs the Jacket, it is returned to the hospital where it will be packaged and sent back to A Little Easier Recovery for cleaning and then returned to the hospital for the next patient to use.

When the dream of HOPE 4 Nichole began, our first mission was always to begin by paying back a debt of gratitude to Anne Arundel Medical Center.  One of our founders, Nichole Garner, has been a patient at AAMC since her first breast cancer diagnosis in 2009.  HOPE 4 Nichole was able to realize the dream by funding 80 Jacki Jackets® for the Annapolis, MD hospital.

Given that all of our current HOPE 4 Nichole volunteers live in Charles County, it was only natural to look for a way to support our local medical center--Charles Regional Medical Center in La Plata, MD.  Upon meeting with the hospital's Dr. Faherty, she expressed an interest in the Jacki Jackets® for the La Plata hospital's patients as well.  HOPE 4 Nichole was able to fulfill the requested 10 Jackets® to support patients in our community.

In addition, HOPE 4 Nichole maintains a small number of Jacki Jackets® that are shared with women that cross our paths and are in need of support during their breast cancer journey.  If you or someone you know could benefit from the use of a Jacki Jacket®, please reach out to us.

It is our HOPE that patients facing a mastectomy will find some comfort during this phase of their journey, and that they will remember to always have HOPE.

Visit "A Little Easier Recovery" to learn more.